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What Are the Signs of iPhone Water Damage?

Your iPhone and water can never be friends, and exposing your device to water can make it develop problems. However, manufacturers integrate liquid indicators into the iPhones to let you know if your mobile phone is experiencing issues from water exposure. 

It is important to learn all issues associated with water damage that your mobile phone can develop so that you can take it to iPhone repair experts on time. Some signs of iPhone water damage are as follows.

1. Problems When Starting Up

One common sign of iPhone water damage is when it refuses to switch on completely or when it restarts as soon as it goes on. This continuous restart process is also known as boot loops. Another start-up issue is when the phone shows a white screen, otherwise known as "White Screen of Death", when starting up. If you notice any of these signs, your phone has undergone water damage and needs professional repairs. 

2. Constant Warning Messages

If syncing the mobile phone's connection cable to the charging system or device is an issue, then your iPhone may have had water damage. If the connection issue is within the phone system, you'll begin getting messages, such as "Charging not supported." Such messages accompanied with cable connection issues should be a cause for alarm. So, switch off your iPhone instantly and see your repair professional to examine it. 

3. Issues with the iPhone's Hardware

Have you ever experienced a situation where your iPhone's sound systems are not working? These issues with the speaker or microphone come up when water gets into the iPhone's system. Your mobile phone will experience various levels of water damage depending on how much water got into the system. For instance, the damage may occur to only a few components while the rest of the phone works okay. However, if the damage is extensive, your iPhone will begin overheating after leaving it on for a while. If you leave the phone on for a longer period, it will turn off without warning. Therefore, the best solution is to switch it off and take it to an iPhone repair professional. 

4. Issues with the Applications 

When using the iPhone, you may sometimes notice that programs, such as email application, open or close without prompting. That is another indication that your iPhone is water-damaged. Sometimes these application problems may be accompanied by constant freezing of your phone.

These are some signs that you need iPhone repairs. However, never attempt to carry out repairs alone, as you may make the problem worse. It is best to take the iPhone to the repair experts with the right skills and years of experience to guarantee quality repairs.